Predatory Lending by China to the World

Today I would like to send a clear message to all my followers in Iran and all over the world.


To Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese government and peaceful people of China,

My name is Ali Sohrab علی سهراب, I represent Iranians for Democracy, the party of Freedom آزادی and I would like to tell you today that any and all deals with the kingdom of the Mullahs the medusa clan must cease and desist because when we come to power we will review all deals made with this government and if they are not legitimate deals we will cancel any and all contracts.

To the Chinese government, predatory lending and stealing all countries resources is against all human rights. I want to be clear that the money and resources of Iran belong to the people of Iran.

With the extent of Covid-19, the only thing the Chinese government should be focusing on is how to help the world. This devastating virus has infected 14.3 million and claimed 600,000 lives in the world, the only goal of all governments should be helping people, not trying to take advantage of economically weak and vulnerable countries.

I am one the voices of the people of Iran and I want to send this clear message that friendship and an olive branch of freedom is the best policy in the world. We are a proud country and race. We the people of Iran will never ever go with this predatory lending by China.

To my people in Iran, our day of reckoning is getting closer. Our day of freedom is getting closer. As I am preparing for a journey of peace and democracy in the coming months. We the people will take back our country and our freedom and once again write laws that will serve our country for the next 500 years. We will never have another kingdom or dictatorship.


The story of the Lantern فانوس. has always been the light of freedom at the end of the tunnel. Our democracy, freedom, and new flag will forever be symbolized by the golden lantern. It is time to realize that we the people have made the greatest symbol of freedom in the world.

Stay tune. In August 2020 I will be making some big announcements that will shake the core of the dead revolution the kingdom of the Mullahs.

To all the people in Iran and all over the world,

My name is Ali Sohrab علی سهراب and you are part of the noble blood خون نجیب of the Iranians of the past, present, and future the Sohrab clan.

“Destiny of Iran, Freedom is Calling. Democracy is Ours.” – Ali

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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