The Money of Iran belongs to the People of Iran

I am Ali Sohrab علی سهراب, I represent Iranians for Democracy ایرانیان برای دموکراسی. Our movement is going to shake the core and the foundation of Iran for the next 500 years to come.

Today I want to talk about the money of Iran پول ایران which belongs to the people of Iran. I want to tell you after 100 years and two different governments that have suppressed us in the name of religion and freedom that enough is enough دیگر بس است. And we the people are choosing a different and better path of life.

I Ali Sohrab علی سهراب , When we and the new government of the people of Iran come to power in the next 3-6 months we will audit all contracts, money, all books and figure out what happened to all our resources because we will have honesty and integrity brought back into the government of Iran.

We will prosecute and hold anyone that has stolen money from the people of Iran accountable. When we come to power, we will have stability, integrity and honesty built into Iranian government. We the people of Iran will realize the hope of being able to live for today, tomorrow and the future. We will set our own blueprints on how to be prosperous and how to make money with our minds, heart and soul with our everyday freedoms that we will have.

We will remove all limitations that have held us back for the past 100 years. We will no longer sell our products for 1/3 of what they should be sold for. We will blueprint our country after others in the region such as Dubai. Where the people with the power of the government will live with peace and harmony. And I promise you this. Once I come with the new government of Iran, we will no longer have any kind of restrictions.

We will eliminate poverty in our country. We will have middle class and higher where you can use your skills and talents combine with the government’s tools and resource to accomplish your goals and dreams.

The money of Iran will work for all of the citizens of Iran. You will be able to share in the wealth of the country with the government of the country. Where the government will be smaller, the President will have the power to make decisions with the new smaller senate that we will provide more information on in the next few months.

I want to share some policies we will instate:

The first day in office we will introduce the first female Vice President معاون زن رئیس جمهور in Iranian history.

Second we will remove all Islamic laws from our country. We will remove the name Islamic republic جمهوری اسلامی from our country.

We will make peace with all people and countries in the world and remove sanctions that have crippled our people for years.

We will give the people a true freedom of speech, freedom to vote, freedom to listen to music, freedom to come and go out of the country as you please.

We will build new homes, colleges, hospitals, stadiums and facilities and invite people into Iran once more.

And the world will realize that we the people of Iran are peaceful and love life.

We will also discontinue the nuclear program of bomb making. We will only use nuclear power for lights and medicine.

We will have a country that people will dream of having. They will come from all four corners of the world to visit.

It is time for all my followers in Iran and all over the world to start coming out with the new flag of democracy with the lantern فانوس as the symbol of freedom آزادی and democracy.

Our month is coming, our day is coming. Stay tune. May God bless us all and may we have a spiritual awakening at the same time and receive the blessing that is coming.

We the people of Iran will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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