Sins of the Fathers

I am Ali, Citizen of the World, Goodwill Ambassador to Mankind, the Voice of Freedom.


Today we want to send our deepest condolences. The first, to the Iranian people for being duked by the Kingdom of Mullahs to be forced to choose between one wolf wearing a black turban representing the hard lines of Iran, by the name of Ayatollah Raisi. And the elected President, one wolf in sheep clothing wearing white by the name of Hassan Rouhani. All of the young people wasted another year of their efforts in voting for the Kingdom of Mullahs. There will never be any changes as long as these people are in power.

Sins of the Father.

This is to all the Iranian fathers that have voted to bring in the revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini. It is time for you to go to all your children, grandchildren, wives and family members and wish for forgiveness because it was you that brought to power the Kingdom of Mullahs. It was for greed, and it was for pettiness, and it made no sense. It was you that allowed the wars between Iran and Iraq to go through for all of those years. It was you the fathers who sacrificed the lives of young people that will never be replaced. Go back to your children and kiss them, and hug them, and tell them that you will forever ask for their forgiveness. And remember that there is nothing ever to late in life.

Sins of the Father.

It was over 30 years ago when the Islamic revolution of the kingdom of Mullahs came to power. Their leader Ayatollah Khomeini had nothing but hatred in his heart for all his fellow men. After his passing in 1989, the Kingdom of Mullahs promoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to power. As we understand, these butchering Mullahs think they have created profit and 12 guardians which supposedly run the country. Here’s some hot news for you, your time is coming, sooner than you think and you will answer to the court of law for all of your sins.

Today 6/7/2017. I want to send our deepest condolences to the people of Iran as the suicide bombers from ISIS attacked the parliament and blew them selves up and killed our innocent brothers and sisters. Our deepest thoughts and prayers.

Sins of the Father.

To the Islam state and their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi you are a murder, rapist, child molester and killer of innocent people. There will never be any country on earth that will ever be associated with you and your followers. Islam is a religion that must be respected, not a place for murders and killers. For the Holy month of Ramadan all i have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, London, and Paris is murder and suicide bombers. I want you to understand that my name is Ali and this is for you and all your followers. YOU WILL NEVER SEE HEAVEN. YOU WILL NEVER SEE PARADISE. If you think by killing innocent people you will see that, you are mistaken. This is for all of you and I Ali, condemn all of you. You are a snake, you are the children of the devil. The only place you will ever go is to hell. Where your father, the devil himself, is waiting for you with a pitchfork and hot coals. And everyday at the time you committed your crime in this lifetime you will be attacked by your father and his scorpions, and you will be stung for every life that you have taken. Ramadan is a month for God, for Earth, for Human Beings. It is not for you or your followers or what you believe in. My name is Ali, and I am coming for all of you. Revenge is ours – says Ali.

Sins of the Father.

This one is for you, the butcher of Syria; Bashar al-Assad.I want you to remember that my name is Ali. And i want you to know that you, your family, children and all your followers will pay for your sins. How could any man sit there and bomb and gas the children? How could any man see those images and go home to his wife and family? Oh, I know the answer. You are not a man. You are a coward. And remember this, stop throwing chemical gas and stop killing my children, they don’t belong to you. They belong to Ali. You do not belong in power. We will prosecute you as a criminal and put you in front of the world. Revenge is ours, Ali.

Sins of the Father.

This one is for you President Putin of Russia. A great superpower in the Middle East. A great leader in the Middle East. How could you allow yourself to be seen by a baby killer named Bashar al-Assad the butcher of Syria? My name is Ali and I want you to join the cause with me. Pull out the Russian troops and planes and wash your hands of this child killer. Syria is not your war or your place. Tell the Iranian government of Mullahs you do not want their blood money or to be associated. You never want to see children get killed.

Sins of the Father.

This is for all the U.S. Senate and Congress. The country needs to be run. President Trump needs the opportunity to do good for all. When the people went to the voting poles it was all the children and citizens of America that voted for Trump. Not the Russians. And as I watched the polls come in, I did not see any Russian votes. I want you to stop bickering and fighting. This is becoming just like the Middle East. Are the Democrats Sunni? Are the republicans Shiite? Which one are you? Are you an American? Love of your country, Love of Freedom, Love to help the world.

Sins of the Father.

This one is for President Obama. One of the greatest Presidents in American history. The man that brought back the economy of America and the World. A great father, a great husband. The man I am very proud of. I want you to know when you as a leader of the free world draw a red line in Syria and they gas the children in front of you, you must act. America, one of the greatest countries in the world, was given a black eye that day by the Russians. How could you as a father ever forget the images of those poor children? It is never to late to correct the sin. This is an extended olive branch from Ali and his followers to join cause and correct the wrong.

Sins of the Father.

To President George W. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Rumsfeld. 9/11 was one the most horrible days in American history were many innocent lives were lost.

But, attacking Iraq was a big sin. How could you guys do a shock and awe on those poor Iraqi people? How could you guys come up with those fake drawling of mass destruction weapons? How could you invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and make the biggest mess in the world? So many lives have been lost. So many innocent. For what? So Mr. Chaney could get rich and his buddies could get richer? Some day soon I expect all three of you to send the deepest apologize to the people of Iraq and the Middle East for what you have done. President Bush, With great power comes great patience. If you would have listened to the right people, your name would have been written in the history books very different than it is today. It is never to late to correct the wrong. I extend an olive branch to you and only you. Lets make peace in Iran and the Middle East. Join me.

For Iran.

To all my followers in Iran and all over the World. Do no get discouraged by what has happened today in Iran. Be Strong. Do not get duked by the Kingdom of Mullahs to volunteer for any wars. We have seen enough bloodshed to last for centuries. This is a dead revolution. The Kingdom of Mullahs is on its last leg. We are coming. We are Strong. And we will make a difference. In the next few months, I will show you and write to you how once and for all we will get rid of and separate the Kingdom of Mullahs from the government. Freedom is coming. The people of Iran will be able to hold their heads up and be a proud citizens of the world.

“Destiny is calling. Revenge is Ours.” – Ali

We are born free. We will live free. We will die free.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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