October 8, 2007

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

This month my message is for all the Iranian women both inside and out of the country; and all the women in the  world. This is a message from the voices of the past, voices of now, and the voices of the future.

First message is from the great profit Muhammad’s wife Kadja, if she was here today, God rest her soul, she would tell the Iranian Government and the Mullahs “NO -you have no power to pass a law that will allow the Iranian men to take a second wife. We are equal partners and want equal rights as a wife.” As a merchant she set this example of equal rights for all the women a long time ago.

Next message is from my grandmother, voices from the past, Fakhree Adel Khalatbari. If she was alive today she would have been the first person to take up the democracy flag and march in the streets of Iran and say to all the Iranian men ‘We are your equal and we forbid you to commit adultery, and to take a second wife on us.” As a newspaper editor and writer, and a women who spoke 6 different languages. She was a teacher and a mother and she would strike down this law with the power of her pen. She would tell the Mullahs that “We the women all over Iran want equal rights.

The voices of now come from my auntie Simin a great Iranian poet with 1 daughter and 2 grand daughters. She is a strong voice of freedom and democracy, and she is condemning this new act of aggression against the Iranian women and the women of the Middle east . As a poet and author of over 600 books, she is a teacher and a mother, who condemns this new act by the Iranian Government and the kingdom of Mullahs.

If my mother Tehraneh, God rest her soul, was alive today, I, Ali, as her son and a father, and a man condemn this new act of aggression and would not under any circumstances allow my dad to do this to my mother or anyone in Iran because our women are our teachers, a gift form Allah, the mighty God, our higher power in Heaven, and women must have equal rights. Our women are the guardians of our world not only in Iran but all over the world because life starts with mothers. My mother would have been one of the strongest women against this law of taking second wife and she would have carried the democracy flag and lead demonstrations against this law. She would have said “We are your partners not your objects of adultery. We are your wives, mother of your children.” She would have stood up for all her sisters in Iran and all over the world with a strong poem, strong writing and would have sent a strong message to the Iranian Government and the kingdom of Mullahs. Enough is enough ! None of these suppressed laws for the Mullahs. It is time to send them back where they came from and that time is coming soon.

This week I watched Mr. Matt Lauer of the Today Show in Iran, my homeland. I really enjoyed the segment you did. You should have called me to give you the names and phone numbers of some people that want freedom. My aunt would have been glad to be your guest as a representative of all Iranian women. Now it is time for you to join the cause: Iranian’s for Democracy.com.

Thanks to the ABC 60 Minutes show, who only want to interview Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, why have you not interviewed the simple people of Iran, like Ali or Ali’s men and women for peace. I listened this week to the speech of the Iranian President. All I heard was how kind the Iranian Government is and how they want peace and how they want nuclear energy for power not for bombs. Well, I say to that, the world must read between the lines, especially the part about the profits Muhammad and Jesus, and what the world was waiting for. Mahmoud and the Mullahs think they are the chosen few to save the world and with the end of his speech it sounded like that is what they got the nuclear bomb for. It will be used and they are thinking that the 12 profits and Jesus will come back to Earth and that Jesus will save them and they will be rewarded with eternal life. Well, I don’t think the world is ready to see a renegade government with a nuclear bomb and I don’t think we the people of Iran are ready to give our lives to this government one more time. We have learned our lessons with the ten year war with our Iraqi brothers. These people have no compassion or care for human lives. We must send the message, we will not vote you in and we will not let you abuse us anymore, in the name of Islam. I want to say, what can the Iranian Government do to us that they have not already done; this barbaric government that stones its own people. Well let us ask something from this government, and this comes from my brother Jesus Christ: “Let the first ‘Iranian’ without sin, cast the first stone.”

If you have read this and you want to join the cause, send this message all over Iran and the world, and tell them that you have heard of a man called Ali. He does not want to be a hero. All he has is a message of hope and peace, of equal rights for all. Thank you and God Bless

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time

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