We Are Who We Are, But Sometimes We Forget

I am Ali, Citizen of the World, Goodwill Ambassador to Mankind, the Voice of Freedom.

From the East to the West to the South to the North.

We all need to have a spiritual awakening.

Democracy has spoken, and I want to send our warmest congratulations to President Donald J. Trump.

What do I see? I see a great man, a great leader. A great father, husband, and grandfather.

I see a man that loves his country and his people. I see a man that will do what is needed to keep the country and his people save. I see a man that is following in the footsteps of my friend, President Ronald Reagan. I see a man that will make the world a safer place.

To all the protesters, Democracy has spoken. Please go back to your lives and do something that will help the country and your family with a better life.

To President Trump, the leader of the free world. I would like to extend an Olive branch of friendship from Ali to join the cause.

To Mr. President Donald Trump and the United Nations. I am sending you this request. I would like to be nominated as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador of the world.

From my friend Muhammad Ali,

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

To President Donald Trump, I want to give you some great advice from a great man, my uncle Goga Khalatbari a philosopher. He used to tell me, “my nephew Ali, what ever you wish to achieve in the world you must do it with the laws of the land.”

President Trump, ISIS is not America’s fight. The fight with ISIS in the Middle East belongs to us. We the people will do what we must to destroy the seed of the devil.

There is no such place on Earth that will ever be called the Islamic state and will ever disrespect the name of Islam. Islam is a great religion just like any religion in the world, that must be respected, not used for the purpose of terrorism, murder and rape of innocent people. ISIS must be destroyed once and for all.

ISIS must be destroyed in the Middle East. There should not ever be another fight in the Middle East by the U.S. and there should never be another American life lost in a fight that makes no sense. We must learn from the lessons of Iraq, Syria, and Libya where the Obama administration and Bush administration put the world on the path of World War III.

For years, America has been supporting and giving money to the wrong organisations in the world. It is time for America to start supporting Ali and Ali’s Men and Women for Peace and follow the path to peace in the Middle East.

We are who we are, but sometimes we forget.

To the Russian President Mr. Putin. As a superpower in the Middle East, as the friend of the world. I am sending you a warm request to please join me and become a big part of making peace in the Middle East. Join the cause with Ali.

To my friend King Abdullah of Jordan. A wise man, a great man, a great leader. The man that told the previous U.S. administrations that under no circumstances should you invade Iraq, Lebanon, or Syria. I salute you my brother for keeping all of the refugees that have been dispersed from all these wars. Some time in the future I will be there to help you with the cause.

President Donald Trump, as my uncle says, you must go with the law. I do agree with the ban on illegal immigration in the country. Now that the wars are coming to an end, all the refugees must be returned to their homeland. All of the people that are in America and the world illegally, must be returned to their homeland.

To the people that are here, that have been here all their lives and have tax I.D. cards. They must be given an opportunity to live in peace. They must sign with the U.S. immigration office if they have not done anything wrong. The path is clear. What is the path? it’s simple. Every six months of checking in with the immigration office, paying taxes and staying as a law abiding citizen, they must follow this path for ten years. After the ten year period, you will be assigned a yearly green card.

To President Donald Trump, I do agree with you. The Iranian nuclear deal and purchasing hostages in cash was the worst decision ever made by the Obama administration. That cash did not belong to the dirty bearded Mullahs. The cash belonged to Ali and his people.

To the kingdom of Mullahs, we must send a clear message, the sanctions are back, and we will not give you another dime as long as you are in violation of the world laws.

To the Kingdom of Mullahs and their leader Ayatollah Khmenei. As your time nears the end of your life, as a leader of a dead revolution, you will know one thing, that Ali is coming. Your time is finished and you and your followers will be dealt with the same way you dealt with the people of Iran. Remember this, the Iranian army belongs to the people of Iran. The Iranian guards belong to the people of Iran. They do not belong to you or your followers. It is time for you to understand that there will never be another so- called Mullah in power in our country or the world. As you leave this Earth, and go to your maker, remember this, what goes around in the world comes around in the world. We have been waiting for this moment with the new revolution, with the new world order and new life for all our people. I promise you in the next few months you will have a better understanding of how we will separate the church from the state.

Prophecy by Ali

I am ALI. I left my beloved country of Iran at the age of twelve. I have seen many things in my lifetime. At the young age of seventeen, I was in a severe car accident where I died, saw the light and came back to life. I have seen what the future holds. I have seen two roads, two paths. One path is the one we are on; death, destruction and elimination. The second road is the road for peace and the start of the Golden Age of Mankind. Where we the people will lead the way.

“Destiny is calling. Revenge is Ours.” – Ali

We are born free. We will live free. We will die free.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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