July 4, 2008

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

With every great country comes a great event that happens in the history. With the greatest country in the world, American, that event happened on July 4th 1776. On that day America declared its independence. And that was the greatest moment in American history. Freedom, Freedom for all freedom that came with the new constitution that to this day the people of America live by.

We the people of Iran have the same desires and the same destiny as the people of the American Revolution had in 1776. We want freedom, a new constitution, free elections to form a new government and once and for all declare our independence from the kingdom of the Mullahs and to tell the world, we the people are all united and stand with the world in democracy and unity and we are not your enemies and we are not terrorist.

To the Iranian government you do not represent us, the majority. We do not want your empty threats and you’re bulling of our neighbors. With your threats of starting Wars and segregating and stopping the world oil flow threw the seas, its just not what we the people stand for.

To the people of Iran this is from Ali, the voice of the democracy movement. We the people have rights and we must send a clear message to the kingdom of Mullahs and let them know that their time of ruling is ending because with the next election that is coming we the people with the power of the vote, and our voices raised to the skies with the democracy flags in our hands will elected a new president and a new government and once and for all make our independence come alive.

To the Jewish government of Israel, War with Iran is not the answer because these Mullahs have no value for life and they do not care how many innocent people they sacrifices to achieve a minor victory. In order to have peace in the Middle East you must do exactly what your doing, making peace with all your neighbors. And I Ali challenge all of the Israel’s and all the Jewish people in the world to join the cause and let us forever make peace between the Jewish state of Israel and the world. And let us all declare our independence and truly fallow the history that is awaiting all of us. We must build our golden temples, we must build our cities and we must truly show the world that a Jewish state can live in middle east democracy and have peace in our life time. So never again, the blood of a middle east child or a Jewish child be spilled because of religion.

To the people that our betting on the stock market and the oil prices that there will we a war in the Middle East that will stop the flow of oil to the people that our trying to corner the free world and its markets by putting their money in oil stocks just like they did with bad home loans. I have a surprise for you, not only you will not get rich you will lose all your money because oil is a gift from the Heavens and it’s in the ground for the people of the world. And it’s not going to run out for the next 500 years and by raising the prices of oil everyday and by spreading false rumors, you are doing nothing but hurting the innocent people of the world who go to work and come home to be able to feed and their family and children. It is not for the stock market to decide the fate of many to the people that our trying to get rich off another quick scam, what will you do in the next 6 months when the price of oil goes down to the lowest prices that you have ever seen. take that to the bank.

Remember, we can do this together, one vote at a time, one country at a time and one person at a time.

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