January 21, 2008

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

It has been a few months since my last update. The reason was, I had been waiting to see how the Democratic process in Pakistan and the new election was going to go with the return of the first true leader of democracy; her name is Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Mister of Pakistan.

Upon her return to Pakistan from exile, a terrorist tried to assassinate her on her first day of return to her home land. Over 20 years ago I saw a shining star, Benazir Bhutto, the first Muslim women Prime Minister to be elected to Pakistan and the democracy movement in her country. Once she returned to Pakistan and I saw the first events of her assassination attempt, I knew deep in my heart that we the people in the World would be in for a huge movement. It is with deepest regrets that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated; not only the people of Pakistan, but the people in the whole Muslim World lost a true tiger of the democracy movement. I wish to send our condolences from Ali and Ali’s women for peace, from all over the world, to her family and the people of Pakistan.

Like many people before her, she knew what her and her family had sacrificed to get where they are at today. These are her famous words upon her return to her homeland of Pakistan: “I am what the terrorist fear the most and I want to say that it is us, we the people, that the terrorist fear the most,” and I could tell you by her visions that she had seen the way for freedom and democracy, and she knew that with every movement there are sacrifices that we have no control over.

I want to say that the free elections of Pakistan must go forward with the people of Pakistan, and remember the one thing that the terrorist fear the most is the power of the vote of the people of the people. I can tell you with the Muslim for Democracy Flag in our hands, that our voices that will carry throughout the MIddle East and with the power of the vote we shall have democracy. We shall have peace. And we will not surrender to any dictatorships or terrorists. We will not sell our souls, our bodies, and our country for blood money. These are the keys that we must follow today, so the memory of a true tiger of democracy, Benazir, a mother that sacrificed her life for her country, and for a brighter future for her family and fellow country people. And to the people of Pakistan, vote freely, without anxiety, without prosecution. Vote with your heart and your mind and follow the footsteps of your brothers and sisters in Iraq. Once you have voted, place your finger in the jar of ink and raise your finger to show the world that you are united and you are free.

There was another famous man, may God rest his soul, that I had a dream. His name was non-other than Dr. Martin Luther King. His famous words, just like Benazir Bhutto, were that “I have seen the promise land, and I may not get there with you, but someday, regardless of color or religion, our children will be free.”

As usual the key, the key, the key, to peace and stability in the Middle East comes from nowhere but Iran, Iran, Iran. It is time for the Iranian people to step out of the shadow of fear and prosecution. With the power of the young and the vote of the people, we will put our country back to the path of respectability, democratic movement, and freedom for all Iranians. We must not allow the kingdom of Mullahs to survive and keep executing and harassing and allowing us to be a terrorist nation. I want to say to all the Iranian people that I, Ali, your voice for democracy and rich family heritage, have seen the future. I have seen what we the people can do with the power of our vote. There is no price that you can put on freedom; there is no price that you could put on respectability; and there is no price you could put on human sacrifices. I want you to know that I, Ali, will be there with you and beside you when we raise the Flag of Democracy all over our country. We will let our actions and voices set the example for the next 500 years to come. And as I have been saying, I wish to make the “day after”, the day of movement. The “day after” is non-other than 9/12. If all of the people of the world would like to join the cause of freedom with us, please send your emails to [email protected] with all your info and we will send you a free Democracy Flag and tee-shirt at no cost so you will be prepared to join the cause with us.

To Mr. Muhammad Ali, my great man and a brother, thank you for your kind reply and your words, and thank you for letting me know that you are joining the cause with me because struggles are part of life and you have recognized just like Ali, that this is a fight between the good in the in midell east  and the minority bad people of the world.

Together we will march on 9/12, hand and hand with our shirts and our democracy flags in our hand and we will send the message of peace, happiness, and health to all because it is time once more to “float like a butterfly and sting   like a bee and say no more terror, no more killing and no more sacrificing of our people”. Thank you my brother and God Bless you.

If you have read and you would like to join the cause please send the message all over the world and say that you have heard of a man called Ali. He does not want to be a hero, just a man with a message of peace and hope for all.

Remember, we can do this together, one vote at a time, one country at a time and one person at a time.

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