Women of Persia (Iran) زنان ایران

I am Ali Sohrab علی سهراب and today I am writing this to all the women of Persia (Iran).

Join us and together we will shake the ground that these dictators walk on. There will never be another kingdom in Iran. Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in freedom? If so, join me, Ali Persian Sohrab and I will promise you freedom, health, happiness, and prosperity. With new laws where democracy will set the stage for the next generations to come.

I want to share some words of wisdom from my auntie Simin Behbahani سیمین بهبهانی.

“You may turn off the lights, but you will never turn off our voices and you will never silence our goals and movement. We will never surrender.”

I want to congratulate equal rights activist Narges Mohammadi نرگس محمدی for winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023. For her part in fighting for equal rights for all the Iranian women. I would like to thank you for all your sacrifices, and I want to say I feel your pain and I am with you each step of the way. I will promise you once we’re in office and in power, not only will we free all the political prisoners, we will also order the demolition of the most hated place in Iran; Evin prison زندان اوین. That place has been used for over 100 years to try to silence the voice of the people. You and all the women of Iran are the true tigers of our democracy movement. After all, without your voices, we have no life and life begins with mothers, with their teaching and sacrifices and with their leadership. Congratulations from all of us the people of Iran (Persia).

I would like to apologize to all the women of Iran (Persia) for over 100 years of abuse and neglect. It is time to put an end to abuse by eliminating hate, discrimination, and murder from our country.

It’s time to for a new symbol of freedom: the lantern which will usher in the golden age of freedom for all the people of Iran (Persia).

To our great actress Taraneh Alidoosti I want to congratulate you on your courage and your statements. As people leave us in this world there are new voices that come alive and become symbols of freedom. You can never give up and never surrender. And I appreciate everything that you have done for the women of Persia.

I would like to send a message to our great humanitarian Nazanin Boniadi and thank you for all that you have done and thank you for being a leader in the fight for freedom over oppression. It is all of the young people with their voices together that will lead us to the promise land.

There comes a time that we the people must decide how we will live. It is time to put an end to over 100 years of tyrants, murderers, and thieves. It is time to send all of them packing out of our beautiful country. It is time to remember that we the people of Persia (Iran) voted for these tyrants that gave us nothing but false promises. And I can tell you this, next year with the power of our votes, the power of our voices, and the power of our movement, we will eliminate all of these dictators and murders once and for all.

To the Biden Administration, it is time to cease and desist any and all dealings with the kingdom of the Mullahs, the medusa. Because the money of Iran (Persia) belongs to the people of Iran. No more deals, no more listening to gossips, no more giving our money to a dead revolution of the medusa the kingdom of the Mullahs.

To all the women of Iran (Persia) I am asking for your support. I am asking you to help us set a new standard for all of Iranians so together we can become a true democracy. Where our votes will count. Where freedom will be real. And we will have equal rights for all the women of Iran (Persia) first, and all the citizens of Iran. Where when women walk down the street they will be respected as equals to all.

To the kingdom of the medusa. It is time to stop upholding outdated laws. You have no right to pass a morale and hijab law because they’re old and outdated. No more Islamic laws. Your time is coming to an end.

To the so-called morale police. I forbid you from ever arresting or harming any women of Iran (Persia). Remember this, this is a promise, when we come, I will have all of you persecuted to the full extent of the law and have you deported back to the country you came from. Because the children of Iran do not harm the people of Iran.

I want to leave you with this. A few words from my mother Taraneh Sohrab that I will never forget, and I live by this example. This is to all the men of Persia (Iran):

If you love me, you must love your wife and children more.

It is time to start taking back our beloved homeland. The land of our mothers’ fathers’ and ancestors. It is time to become as one. We are stronger together. Remember 88 million people cannot be silenced.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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