The White House & Future of Iran

To Mr. President Joe Biden,

I want to send our deepest congratulations from Iranians for Democracy for becoming the 46th President of the United States of America.

I want to send you an olive branch of friendship to join the cause with us, Iranians for Democracy. After all, we have a lot in common.

To Madam Vice President Kamala Harris, congratulations on becoming the first female Vice President in United States history.

I want to extend an olive branch of friendship to join the cause with us, Iranians for Democracy.

I would like to ask the Biden administration to contact us as soon as possible because we are humbly requesting help for the Iranian people with a surplus of covid-19 vaccines. Please allow Ali to contact you and make arrangements for this humanitarian mission. And we thank you for your humanitarian help. [email protected]

The Biden administration and Iranians for Democracy have a lot in common, because I, Ali, and the government of Iran will introduce to the world the first female Vice President in Iranian history.

I want to give the world peace of mind that when we take power I will do some good things in our first few days in office. The first, introduce of our first female Vice President to the world. Second, removal of Islamic laws. Third, the stoppage of all nuclear research for bomb making and only use the knowledge for electricity power and medication only. Forth, equal rights for all the Iranian women, men, and children where you will be judged as a citizen of Iran and not what you believe in. Last, requesting removal of all sanctions from all countries toward Iran. Removal of the name Islamic republic and changed back to republic of Iran. These are just some of our policies we are sharing at the moment.

It is time for the White House, The Biden administration to release all the papers on Iranians for Democracy to the world. And please under no circumstances make any kind of deals with the dead revolution of the current Iranian government because they are on their way out. Any unfair deals made with the Iranian people will be null and void by Ali. And please do not give any money to the kingdom of the Mullahs the medusa clan because the money of Iran belongs to the people of Iran.

To the Department of State, Secretary Anthony J Blinken, Please do not fall into the trap of this dead revolution, the kingdom of the Mullahs, the medusa clan. Do not negotiate on any treaty including the nuclear program. Do not remove an inch of anything from this dead revolution. Do not offer any money or any concessions because we are coming. And you will have to deal with the new government of Iran, Iranians for Democracy.

To the envoy, Mr. Robert Molley, The negotiator representing the USA to Iran. Under no circumstances make any deals with the kingdom of the Mullahs because they are on their way out. All deals shall be held back and saved because when the fall comes you will be dealing with the new government in Iran, Iranians for Democracy, Ali.

I would like to send this to the World leaders. Please be patient, do not fall into the trap of the spider the kingdom of the Mullahs and make deals with the people that will not be there in the next 6 months. I can assure the next government of Iran will be a free government chosen by the people of Iran for the people of Iran. The resources of Iran and money of Iran belongs to the people of Iran.

Message to my people and my followers in Iran and all over the world. Our time is coming. In the next few months we will be doing a lot of things. We have people in places and our journey has been a long one and is going to start and finish with victory in Iran. We will be united with all our people and families and once and for all I give you my word that we the people will live together in peace and harmony. No kingdoms of any sort and no revenge in the new Iran. No more child brides. No more Islamic laws in Iran. There will be no more capital punishment. We will introduce new laws and new orders that will make us the generation that makes peace and written in the history books for the next 500 years to come.

To all my people, send this message to all to get ready with the new flag of the golden age with the symbol of the lantern symbolizing freedom and democracy. Our moment is coming. Get your lanterns and flags ready, our time is coming. It’s time for new symbols of democracy to reign on our beautiful country Iran.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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