June 15, 2007

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

Well, this is another year another day has come. It’s a great day it is a day to celebrate all the fathers of the world. It is Father’s Day.  It is the day to say and ask my father are you happy? My father did you know you’re my hero? My father did you know that everyday that goes by I look at you for leadership, hope, happiness, and spiritual awakening in my life? To share your experience with me tell me how to choose right from wrong how to listen and learn how to become the man or women how to be come a husband or wife how to know when to give love and how to receive love. This is for all the fathers of the world it is our time to give love and to save lives and become the man that our higher power our Heavenly father expects us to be. Be a leader not a follower.

To all the Fathers in the World if you care, these are some things we can do starting tonight. Hug your child, wife, and your family and say I care. Let us send this message all over the World; write to all the TV, Radio and Government Representatives all over the World. Tell them you have heard of a man called Ali. He does not want to be a hero but a messenger with a message of Peace, Hope, and Spiritual awakenings. Let us help Ali. Write and send me your e-mails. I need volunteers, I need help, I need your thoughts, your Ideas, and I need your Prayers, but most of all I need you to make a difference. Happy Father’s Day and God Bless to all.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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