March 15, 2007

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

March is a very special month. It was one year ago that the Iranians for Democracy website was kicked off. We rekindled our voices one more time after 20 years of silence. With that I want to say to all my Iranian brothers and sisters and there children, Happy Norooz or Happy New Year. With that said, I want all of us to reflect back in time, when New Years was a very special day; when we got up to say Happy New Years and when we put on our new clothes and went to our families houses to celebrate New Years with them. We danced, we sang songs, we ate and we were very happy because we had the freedom to do those things as children and adults. And let us not forget Sizdeh Behar, the 13th day of our final celebration of New Years. Does this bring back good times and memories? It should because it was a great time, the time of innocence, freedom, and happiness. But like all good things, life changed in Iran and all over the world for all Iranians. We the people must not forget our families in Iran where they cannot celebrate Norooz in the open. They cannot listen to music in the open and they are always being bothered by the so called government agents and their ways of life. We the people must not forget how all of this has happened to us. We were promised freedom but we were delivered the kingdom of Mullahs, which was forced upon us. As long as I remember we had always had kings. When the Iranian revolution came to life, we thought we were getting the country freed from the clutches of the monarchs and kings, but only to turn it over to the kingdom of Mullahs. Let us ask ourselves the question why did we allow a change from one kingdom to another kingdom? Well I will tell you. We were lied to. Have we forgotten the people allowed the kingdom of Mullahs to come to power in Iran? It was we the people with our power of the vote, one-person one-vote, that’s how. It was our fathers thinking that they were going to get rich by voting for the kingdom of Mullahs. They did not see the future, all they saw was greed and by the time they figured out it was too late for them because many of them give their lives in the Iran/Iraq War that followed. But with that I want to say, it is never too late for anything in life. With over 75% of our country being young, strong and ready to change the government, the past with the vision of what happened in the past, and the vision of the new future, it is time to put the power of our vote in motion and have a spiritual awakening one more time. We must take back our beloved country Iran, our birthplace, the birthplace of our mothers, fathers and ancestors. One more time: It is time to become a chain one more time. Remember we only live once. We must change the scope of our lives together, one more time. It was our power, the power of the vote that brought the kingdom of Mullahs to power and with the same power we will separate the kingdom of mullahs and the government once and for all, and we the people will get our freedom that has eluded us for many centuries. We have a voice, a man called Ali. We have the power of the people and the vote. The vote of the people, the freedom of the people, and choice of the people. Remember we the people write songs and poems and dream of the new way of life. This is our time to take stand, one more time and have the greatest spiritual awakening the world has ever seen. Ask yourself this question, once I was a proud man, a protector of my country, my wife, and my children. What happened to me and where did my courage go? Have we forgotten the way we were when you could tell a man from Iran or Middle East by the way they walked, talked, word of honor and the mustaches on their faces. What has happened to those men, I want to know? Because I, Ali, am still walking, talking and have an honorable voice and a signature mustache on my face. Where are all the men like me? And are they ready to join the cause with Ali? And are they ready for a spiritual awakening with Ali? If you care, these are some things we can do starting tonight. Hug your child, wife, husband, and your family, and say I care. Let us send this message all over the World; write to all the TV, Radio, and Government Representatives all over the World. Tell them you have heard of a man called Ali. He does not want to be a hero but a messenger with a message of Peace, Hope, and Spiritual awakenings. Let us help Ali. Write and send me your e-mails. I need volunteers, I need help, I need your thoughts, your ideas, and I need your Prayers, but most of all I need you to make a difference. Thank you very much and Happy Norooz.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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