Letter to Iranian Armed Forces

Today this letter is from Ali Sohrab to the Iranian Armed Forces.

I want to tell you that I am proud of you and we are proud of you the people of Iran.

I want to say that any man or woman that puts on the uniform of the armed forces, they have one job and that is to protect the people of Iran from inside and outside the country.

It is time to realize that you are part of the future, we are part of the future. It is time to understand that you will no longer be taking messages from the leader of this dead revolution Ayatollah Khomeini, the kingdom of the Mullahs or his followers.

It is time to understand that you the people of the armed forces, have the pure blood of the warriors of the past, present and future of Iran in your veins.

It is time for all of the armed forces of Iran and the freedom guards of Iran and the police to become one force.

Today I am giving you one job and that job is to protect the Iranian people.

I would like to say to all the people that are riding around in their little cars and picking up the innocent Iranian women in the name of their religion, that no man has a right to punch or kick a woman and still call himself a man. In my eyes they are not a man.

It is time for the Iranian forces to pick up all of these law breakers, all the people that want to harm the people of Iran and incarcerate them and hold them until their trials when we come to power.

This is a message from Ali and the future female Vice President. We feel your pain and are with you every step of the way. We understand the hardship our people have endured the last 100 years and I want to promise you that we the people will never bow to any kingdom, kiss any ring, or bow to any dictator.

To all of our young people, you will soon taste freedom, you will soon face democracy and be free to express and do what you were supposed to do in life. That is, live free with the laws of the land.

To my people, I want you to know, how do we want the history books to remember us? As the 80+ million people that joined forces and became one? or do we want the history books to remember us as the people that never stood up and took a chance?

Our time is coming, our faith is strong, our words are strong, our country is ours and we will never allow this to happen again. We will make peace for the next 500 years to come because we the people of Iran will make sure the next 500 years will be our golden years of peace, freedom and happiness.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.