Dead Revolution

I am Ali, Citizen of Iran and the World, Goodwill Ambassador to all Iranians and Mankind, the Voice of Freedom.

Story of a dead revolution

In Iran in 1979, we were introduced to the new kingdom of the Ayatollahs with their leader Ayatollah Khomeini. With that we were introduced to war, poverty, executions, terrorism and shame in the world.

The dead revolution introduced us to our first war in 1980, between Iran and Iraq. We lost over 1 million fellow country men, women and children. We wasted over 212 billion dollars (Iran-Iraq War) of our countries assets for the ego of a man who only wanted revenge and he only had hatred in his heart for all human beings.

When the war stopped in 1988, we were left with over 300,000 injured and disabled Iranian war fighters (Iran-Iraq War).

On November 4, 1979 the dead revolution showed its true colors to the world by taking 60 hostages and holding them for 444 days before their release (Iran Hostage Crisis).

In July 1979, the Shah of Iran left the country, left us, the people of Iran, in the hands of the new barbaric regime of the kingdom of Ayatollah Khomeini (Iran Hostage Crisis). You are no longer part of a dead monarchy that left us in July 1979. As I am sitting here, as an Iranian, I will never forgive what happened to us. And you are no longer part of a dead revolution; the kingdom of the Ayatollahs.

As we start our journey, there is message of hope for all Iranians.


I have news for you. You are now part of the Sohrab clan. You’re part of the Iranian noble blood. You’re part of the golden age. We are the future.

Our country no longer needs any kingdoms of any sort. Our country needs healing. Our country needs a true leader. Most of all, our country needs a Father.

As I am getting closer to announcing my candidacy for president of Iran and a peaceful transition of power from the kingdom of Ayatollahs, to the people of Iran, there are a few things I need to tell you. One is, we will not be chosen to be elected and run for presidency by any of the dead revolutionary Mullahs known as the guardian. We will be chosen by the Iranian People. We will not be one of the people that they will kick out for the run of the presidency. We want to do this with the power of the people, not the power of the dead revolution.

I want to talk about our vice president. She will be the first elected Iranian woman. Her name rhymes with hope. She, like me, has been prepared for this job all her life. As a noble blood of Iranians of the past, present and future. Her first request from the new constitution is:

Equal Rights and Freedom for all Iranian Women.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Sahar Khodayari (Gambrell). I will promise you, under the administration of Ali, as the father of the country, we will never see another horrifying moment like this. We will abolish the segregation laws that ban women from all events and will restore women to an equal place where men and women can walk together, talk together and be free together as equal citizens of the country. We are in the 21st century, as the father of the country, I will bring us out of the dark ages and into the light.

As we are getting ready for our journey, we have a message to a couple leaders of the world.

First, To Mr. President Donald Trump, as a great leader, do not waste your time to try and negotiate anything with the dead revolution of Iran which is on its last legs out. As we come to power, we will negotiate everything from A-Z. No more sanctions, no more nuclear weapons. No more threats to any of our neighbors. Our country will be open to all who want to do business and respect our way of life.

Second, To French President Emmanuel Macron, I want to extend to you an olive branch to join the cause with Ali and His people. And I want to let you know something you may not know. The last time the French government interfered with the Iranian politics, they gave us the gift known as the kingdom of the Ayatollahs that is still giving after 40 years. (Isseroff). I request, please stop interfering with the politics of Iran. This is a dead revolution on its last breath. It was a black eye to the world for you to invite the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Zarif to the G7 summit meeting.

To all my people in Iranian and all over the world. We are part of the new wave of the noble blood of Iranians. We are the new clan known as Sohrab, and as we get closer to our destiny, we will carry the lantern, a symbol of freedom across the land. As the Father of the country, I promise to all my children in Iran, that you will have jobs, dignity, prosperity, freedom and you will be shining, not only in our country, but throughout the world. Within the first 2 years, I will promise you things that are above and beyond what you thought were possible. My name is Ali, I am the Father of Iran.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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