Happy Norooz

From the desk of Ali Sohrab علی سهراب and Iranians for Democracy ایرانیان برای دموکراسی,

I would like to wish a Happy Norooz نوروز (Persian new year) to all my beloved countrymen and women in Iran and all over the world. I would like to say, I hope in the year 1401 you will have happiness in your heart, you will have freedom in your mind, and you will have nothing but wealth in your pockets.

I would like to say in year 1402 it is going to be our year and I will promise you we will celebrate Norooz in Iran and we will let the world see who we are. We will put the lantern of freedom throughout our whole country so when people look down from the skies they will see the brightest country in the world and know once and for all that we are free and they will see we are one.

Stay tune and in the next few months I will introduce you to the new flag of Iran (Persia) that we will bring with us along with our new government. Our flag will symbolize our freedom that will stand the test of time for over 500 years to come.

Poem Persia

It is said some lives are linked across time Persia

Connected by an innocent calling that echoes throughout the ages, destiny Persia

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

Ali Sohrab


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