The Dead Revolution Chapter 3

This is the story of the ending of the dead revolution; The kingdom of the Mullas (The Medusa Clan).

I have been telling the world for over 30 years of my life, the key to all these problems is Iran, Iran, Iran.

I want to send my deepest condolences to the people of Israel and Palestine. And I want you to know that I share your grief and sorrow. And I have prayed for both sides to come together and make lasting peace once and for all. May God Bless all the souls of the people who have lost their lives in this senseless war.

As I have watched the events of the last month, watching the horrible images and hearing the stories of the people who were brutally executed and murdered. I have come to one conclusion that these thugs and murders are not religious people or human beings. They are the children of Medusa and the only thing that is waiting for them is a man downstairs with a pitchfork in his hand.

To the White House and the Biden Administration. It is time for you to come and join the cause. I remember the last time that I openly asked for a President of the United States of America to join me, it was none other than President Ronald Regan. He helped stop the mayhem in the Middle East. He stopped the war between Iran and Iraq. I remember what President Regan used to say, “Ali my friend, you will know when the right time is here.” And I want you to know that the right time is now because the world needs to act together. If we do not act today, we will always wonder what happened. And I want you to know that there is one answer to all of this. A kryptonite called Ali Sohrab. Long live the free people of the world.

The money of Iran belongs to the people of Iran. And I would like to say as one of my first acts in office is to remove all Islamic laws and funds from Hamas, Hezbollah or any of these terrorist organizations.

As a man of faith, I would like to say that we the people owe it not only to ourselves and the world, but also to the next generations that will come after us. As I watched these images of war between Israel and Hamas it reminded me of the war between Iran and Iraq. Where children of two beautiful countries were being sacrificed in the name of religion that no one wants.

I want to tell you these people are not religious people. They are thugs and gangs that have made it their business to make war and slaughter innocent people.

To the leader of Hamas,┬áIsmail Haniyeh you are not a man. You’re a thug terrorist that has learned how to brainwash and pay the young innocent Palestinians to become pawns in your brutal game. If you love the Palestine people, why are you living in Qatar in a life of luxury? I will promise you one thing. When we the people come to power in Iran, not only will you receive no money from us, you will be persecuted to the full extent of the law.

To the Palestine people my name is Ali and I want to say this to you. It is time to come out of the shadows of fear. I want to send my deepest condolences to the people who have died in the war between Hamas and Israel. I give you permission to protect your families when these people come to your house with blood money and blood-soaked food and bread. Thanks, but no thanks. Pick up the biggest stick you have in your house and beat their ass and throw them in the streets and tell them this is a message from Ali, my real friend, and I will never have to do this again.

To the people of Israel, I want to send my deepest condolences and I want to tell you it is time for a cease fire because the people of Palestine and their children and mothers are not the enemy of Israel. It is time for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine and I look forward to being one of the first to step up in the negotiations. There should never be any child of Israel or Palestine being sacrificed and be a pawn in the game of the kingdom of the Mullas, Hamas or any terrorist organizations.

To my people in Iran, I want to tell you that the end of this dead revolution is coming. Join me and together we the people of Iran, all 88 million of us, will do what they say can’t be done. To all the military people in Iran, the new guard and police, it is your job to protect the people of Iran. Stay tune, protect yourselves. Because the next chapter I will write will be the last chapter of the dead revolution. We the people will do this together.

As a great man said to the English that was Mahatma Gandi that one billion people cannot be stopped in the way to freedom.

My name is Ali Sohrab and I want to tell you that 88 million people of Iran cannot be stopped. Are you looking for freedom? Are you looing for a new way of life? Are you looking for honesty and integrity? Are you looking for democracy? If so, join me and we will have the golden age of Iran (Persia) come to life. And there will be peace for thousands of years. Not only for us, the people of Iran, but the world. For after all, life started in Iran (Persia) and I promise you, World Peace will start from Iran (Persia).

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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