Story of Ali

My name is Ali. Can you guess who I am? I am your brother. You are my sister. You have asked for a miracle in your thoughts, in your prayers, and in your dreams. When, oh when, are we going to have a voice of democracy and freedom in IRAN and the Middle East and when, oh when, are we going to have peace and harmony throughout IRAN and the Middle East?

The time is here. Ali, the descendent of the most freedom loving people in Iran, my great-great grandfather, the honorable, Sultan Amir Touman (pictured right), one of the first and original democracy and freedom leaders in IRAN
My grandmother, Fakhree Adel KHALATBARI (pictured left, the first newspaper writer, editor, poet, mother, wife, and teacher, in Iran. She always stood for women’s equal rights at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

Have you figured out who I am yet?

Now I am going to give you another story of my heritage. My great, great grandfather, Sergeant Namathola (pictured left), an Army officer in the Iranian Army, was a father, teacher, leader, man of peace, and a servant for his country, a man who stood for freedom and choice. He was a family man, a gentle man. His famous words to his children were, respect and you shall be respected, and always remember that the reason I joined the military was to serve and protect not only my family but also my country and my people. Always remember that the military is to protect and serve the country and its people from domestic and international violence. The army of people belongs to the people. That is why my great, great, grandfather was so proud to be an army officer dedicated to serving the Iranian people.

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East and the United States of America (USA).

This week, IRANIANS for Democracy is pleased to announce we are about to be blessed with the presence of grace, a true mother of the democracy movement of Iran, a woman that decided at a young age to join in her mothers philosophy and follow the dreams of leading the women of Iran to the freedom of equal rights. This woman, who is a shining star for democracy, she is the voice of equal rights for all Iranian women, and women all over the world. She is a poet, a writer, a scholar, a teacher, and a true tiger.

She is none other than my Aunt Simin bahbahoni (pictured right). We are all welcoming her from Iran to the USA, where she is going to be a guest speaker on behalf of The Iranian Mothers for Freedom. As she will pass on the message of hope like she has done for many years, with inspiring messages. She is the voice of the democracy movement in Iran. My Aunt Simin has been imprisoned, beaten, and tortured by the Iranian government for her views and her way of life. She stands for free elections, free press, freedom of choice, and for everyone, including women, to be able to walk, talk, and achieve their dreams. My Aunt Simin said to me “Ali my nephew, in these times of hardship we all must join together and let the voice of freedom be heard. Let the Iranian people know that I will give my last words to see my country free, my people to live in peace, my children and my grandchildren to know in life you must not be afraid, or selfish, and you must go for the mission in life when it is your time.” I want to say God Bless my Aunt and I hope I can carry the torch of democracy with you in the streets of Iran soon. Let the happiness take you wherever you need to go in life. You are a true tiger, a spirit of the people from the past and the future. Long live the voices of the Iranian Mothers for Freedom in US and the world.

Have you figured out who I am? Its been a few months since are last update if you could only figure out who I am Ali. If you could see who I am and what my last name and my heritage stands for you would be surprised to say I know that man, I know his family, and his heritage. And I will stand beside him threw good times and bad. So here’s another clue.

My Grandmother Alam Khanom (pictured left), she was a mother of nine children five daughters and four sons. She was a symbol of Freedom and Choice in her Country, Iran. She always stood for the right of Women to choice the way they wanted to dress themselves in the Muslim Country of Iran she gave her daughters the choice to wear a chador or a head scarf and at the same time always allowed her daughters a choice how they wanted to dress in the Free World in Iran. Human Rights was a big part of her life. She was a homemaker by choice but always fallowed the Laws of Freedom for Women in Iran. She always allowed her daughters to dress in ordinary fashion that they choose with out the chador if that was their wish. May God rest your soul and may we all learn something from our past heritage.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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