Freedom is Coming

I am Ali, Citizen of Iran and the World, Goodwill Ambassador to all Iranians, the Voice of Freedom.

To the Iranian people. To the Sohrab Warriors.

Every movement needs a voice. That voice is Ali.

Every movement needs a symbol. That symbol is the lantern فانوس of freedom.

Every movement needs a fearless leader, that is Ali.

Someone to tell the facts of life.

This is to the kingdom of the Mullahs; the medusa clan. Your time is up.

This is to all the medusa children. To all the Mullahs and their followers. It is time for you to start thinking about your future and pack your bags and step down from all the government jobs, the army and most of all, the presidency.

We the people of Iran have a voice. And we are ready to separate the government from the kingdom of the Mullahs.

This is for all my people. We received 1.3 billion in cash from the United States of America from the Obama administration. I will promise you, I will investigate and find that 1.3 billion dollars. I will find out who stole the money and what matress it is hiding under. Because after all the money of Iran belongs to the people of Iran.

Our country has been abused by tyrants and broken promises from the people that have come and gone since 1925. We have been victimized by 2 different dictatorships. I will promise you that this will never happen under the new government of Iran.

I will give you some of our prophecies and laws. This one especially for the young people of Iran.

We will have an all volunteer army. The only requirements will be once you graduate 12th grade you will serve 1 month of service and that concludes your time in the armed forces. Then you will do only one week a year until you’re 30 years old. You will be paid for every day you have served and you will also be paid full health insurance for the rest of your life after you’ve turned 30.

Ali, His followers, and the people of Iran are coming. Stay tune for next month when we release road map to freedom.

Mr. President Donald Trump. This is a request from Ali the voice of Iranians for Democracy. Please send this message and this olive branch to the Turkish President Mr. Recep T. Erdogan.

Mr. President Erdogan, please do not turn over my children, the children of Iran to the Iranian government. I respectfully ask you this favor to free the young Iranian entertainer in your custody Amir-Hossein Maghsoudlou (Tataloo).

Please be advised that no children of Iran are pawns for any trade with the dead revolution.

As we are getting closer to coming to power we don’t wish anything but friendship and success between our 2 nations.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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