One World 12/10/2015

I am Ali, Citizen of the World, Goodwill Ambassador to Mankind, the Voice of Freedom.

Today the world has seen what I have been saying for years. My deepest condolences to all the people of France and the United States for the loss of lives by the hands of barbaric murders that have translated the Muslim religion to their way of life. To believe that as a Muslim, you will massacre people and you will be sent to Heaven, is the biggest mistake in the lifetime of any human being. The people that follow the Islamic terrorists are murders, thugs and butchers.

Some history lessons, all of these problems started over thirty years ago with a little unknown man named Ayatollah KhomeiniHe was the gift that was sent to the people of Iran from France. And following that, is when the revolution of Iran came to power and the wars and Jihadist and their way of Islam came to power. The key, the key to all of these problems lies with Iran. And the path to freedom lies with Ali.

The world has no plans how to eliminate the terror. The terror that stares them in the face daily.

My name is Ali, I have a plan.

In order to separate and make peace, you must look like the people that you are talking to. You must have lived amongst the people in order to be part of the people. I am a proud man with a great plan to separate the government and the Muslim world. Religion is religion, government is government. There are billions and billions of people who see the same things and the same words as Ali. I am looking for sponsors and I am looking for people to join the cause with me.

To Mr. Donald J. Trump,

The innocent Muslims are not the problem. You are giving fuel to the terrorist with your unkind words. Please listen to me, in order to be part of the people, you must have at least once in your lifetime, suffered like the people. I am inviting you to join the cause with Ali and his people to make peace, and not war and destruction.

To Mr. Ted Cruz,

The answer to your question is, no. You cannot turn the sands in the Middle East to glow. Nuclear weapons are the ultimate destruction to the world. A history lesson for you, the Russians, the Indians, the Chinese, Pakistanis, all have nuclear weapons. And if you’ve forgotten, Russia, is a Middle Eastern super power. The way to peace with anybody must be with diplomacy, not bombs and empty threats.

To President Obama,

You are absolutely right. Condolences and words are no longer enough. It is time for you to join a true cause and join Ali and his people for peace. As I have been saying for years, I have a plan that will bring peace to the world for the next 500 years. In order for diplomacy to work, for the people to listen to your words, you must join the cause and be part of the Iranians for democracy movement. The key, the key is Iran. That’s where all of this nonsense and the wrong interpretation of the holy Koran started from. Remember, the solution is not in bombs and threats, the solution is in diplomacy, pens and paper.

In the next few months, by the time the Iranian new year comes around, we will put out our plans, hopes and dreams, that show what we the people can do together when we want to save our planet.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

Be a sponsor – join the cause!