June 21, 2009

This is a message from Ali, the voice of democracy, the man from Iran, the Middle East, and the United States of America (USA).

With the unrest after the Iranian election I want to send a clear message to all of my people, the time to step out of the shadow of fears in Iran has arrived. We the people with our voices have sent a clear message to the kingdom of the Mullahs that we do not believe the words and we are not your followers. Today I want to say first, Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in the world, especially to all the Iranian fathers’ .I want the Iranian fathers that voted to bring in the Iranian revolutions alive 30 years ago to walk with their kids today and say we are sorry for what we did. We are with you today and we support you 100%. We will proudly help you because we are your fathers and we owe you for what we did to you 30 years ago.

This is a message of hope and peace:

We are born free, we will  live free, and we will die free. It is time to send a message to all the people of Iran we are in the move for democracy and there is no turning back today.

It is time for all the young men to shave their beards and live the lives like young men they are supposed to be, a true Iranians, not the follower of the Mullahs.

It is time for the revolutionary guards to realize the old revolution has died and they are not the same people that voted for the kingdom of mullahs this is a new revolution.

It is time for the new gards to take their rightful places with the people of Iran and accept their new role and their new name as the elite force and the guardians of the new democracy

It is time for the Iranian army to protect and save the people of Iran.

It is time for the Iranian army and the new elite guards of democracy to stamp out the militia known as the Bisij, they must be stopped, they must not kill our people, they must stop riding their motorcycles and stop beating our young women and men with batons. The BASIJ must be dismantled and prosmovement ecuted for crimes against the Iranian people.

It is time for the Iranian people to join the cause with Ali and Ali’s men and women for peace where our votes will speak loudly and will count toward our democracy.

It is time for the Iranians to know that we are one and we must see the future with democracy and freedom, where one vote and one person will always be counted as one. We must say goodbye to the kingdom of Mullahs just as we said goodbye to the kingdom of the Shah over 30 years ago. As I watched Ayatollah Khamenei finalize and steal the presidential election from the Iranian people and name his hardliner puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the presidency, with common sense on our side I have this question: “How could anyone count millions and millions of votes in one day and say we have a landslide winner.” Two years ago I wrote to the world to listen to the message of the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the UN and I said we must read between the lines. We have all seen but did not realize what we were looking at. Well the Mullahs, in their own little minds, have recreated the Muslim prophecy they think that ayatollah Khomini, was the 13th prophet, now the kingdom thinks that Khamenei is the 14th prophet and they think the 12 guardians are the 12 messengers of GOD. I have news for them, they are not the messengers of GOD, they are Mulluahs that have suppressed the Iranian people for over 30 years. With their lives coming to an end they want to get nuclear weapons and destroy the world because in their mind they have truly recreated the kingdom of Islam on earth. They should never be allowed to get any nuclear weapons and they should all be arrested for prosecution because they must be stopped TODAY!

To Mr. Mousavi: We the people of Iran are looking for leaders, not martyrs.

Over 30 years ago my son asked me: “Dad why doesn’t Ayatollah Khomini ever smile?” And I looked at his picture and I saw an old man with nothing but hatred in his eyes and in his heart. From the moment he came to power he killed millions of Iranians in a war with Iraq. Yes he was the one that promised freedom but only delivered shame, war, death, and destruction to us, the people of Iran.

Do you want to know who was the man who helped to stop the war between Iran and Iraq? That was Ali. With the help of none other then President Ronald Regan. Do we remember Iran Contra? Do we remember the days where weapons were flowing to Iran? Those days were the days that Ronal Regan once again the President of American, helped the Iranian people. We must always remember that America is our friend. And yes, it was Ali that saw the images of his people lying in the desert dying because of a war that didn’t make any sense over 30 years ago. It was those days that I promise I will do whatever it takes to separate the kingdom of the Mullahs and free my people once and for all. May they never be killed at the hands of another tyrant? If my grandfather, adel Khalatbari was alive today he would tell the good Ayatollah’s it is your time to come out from the shadows of the Mullahs and help separate Religion from the government, and save the people.

I want to challenge my people. I want all the Iranians to join Ali’s men and women and let’s make a change today to democracy once and for all.

The old revolution is history. The old must go, so the young and the future can survive.

To all the Iranian women you must be free, your votes must count, and you should have choice if you wish to wear a scarf or a chador or just be yourselves. After all, upbringing comes from your home life not by a government of the Mullahs.

To all the young men, it is your time to have your votes counted. It is your time to be free to express and invent and have a life with the world to walk free. To be free to follow your dreams to listen to music to walk hand in hand with the people you choose to walk with. It is your time to make the difference. You will not be judged by how many times a day you pray. You will be judged by how many good things you will do in a day. You are born free, you will live free, and you will die free.

To Ayatollah Khamenei: I want to know how could you sit there and lie to the people of Iran. I want to know who died and left you in charge of the country. Yes, yes, I know the answer. It was Ayatollah Khomeini the biggest killer of Iranian people and also you’re so called 13th prophet.

We the people have the voice of freedom and they are coming from all over the world to help us. We the people must live free. With all of the things that have happened in Iran, with all the demonstrations, with all the killings, it is time to send a clear message to the kingdom of the Mullahs that change is here. This is just the beginning, and our votes have spoken.

We are born free, we will live free, and we will die free.

Remember, we can do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one country at a time.

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