Letter to Iranian Community: USA & the World

I am Ali, Father of Iran, citizen of the World.

It is time for a spiritual awakening and for cooler heads to prevail. It is time to stop beating the war drums.

President Trump, Iranian people are not the enemy, and yes we do want a government change. The only enemy here is the kingdom of the Mullahs; the medusa clan.

To all my millions of followers in Iran and throughout the world, we must not fall in this trap of war.

To all the Iranian mothers and fathers, it is time to tell the kingdom of the Mullahs the medusa clan, no keys necessary. We are not going to sacrifice any lives of any children.

Message from Ali: I am coming. We are coming. Please give me the next few months as I am preparing for some big news that will shake the core of the kingdom of the Mullahs. As we are getting ready, we will have our day. We will have a new government. We will separate the church and the state. We will have freedom.

To all the Iranian military commanders, please listen to Ali’s words. You are part of the new generation. You are part of the Iranian people. You are part of the noble blood of warriors of the Sohrab clan. We were warriors before there were warriors. Your job is to protect the people of Iran, not this dead revolution that is on its way out. After all, you have sworn an oath to protect the country from destruction, not cause it.

In the next few months things will start changing fast. We the people must be ready. In our first few days in office some policies we will put in effect are:

1. Equal rights for all Iranian women and all people; no more segregation.

2. No more Islamic law.

3. Removal of the name Islamic Republic. We will be known as Iran (Persia).

4. No more funding of terrorist organizations. The money of Iran is for the people of Iran.

With that, I am asking for your support, patience and a spiritual awakening, but most of all I am asking for your vote.

Someday soon I will write a book – Freedom in the Golden Age: Journey to the Promise Land.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

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