New Iranian Golden Age Flag of Freedom

I am Ali, Citizen of Iran and the World, Goodwill Ambassador to all Iranians, the Voice of Freedom.

Today I would like to introduce you to the new Iranian Golden Age flag of Freedom. Every movement needs a symbol. This movement represents freedom and that symbol is the lantern.

To all of my people, It is time to take out all the lanterns from all over your homes and start putting them on the windows and roofs and begin lighting the road to freedom.

We the people with the power of the golden lantern, the ultimate light of freedom, are getting closer to our final destination. We have one goal in mind and that is a peaceful transition of power from the Kingdom of the Mullahs to the government of the people by the people.

It is time to separate the church and state. No more Islamic law. It’s time for all the Mullahs to resign from all government jobs, private jobs, military guard jobs and most of all it’s time for president Rouhani to resign from the presidency of Iran.

In the next 3-6 months our movement is going to take shape. We the people with the power of our votes will elect a president for the people by the people.

“Destiny of Iran, Freedom is Calling. Democracy is Ours.” – Ali

My name is Ali Sohrab علی سهراب and you are part of the noble blood خون نجیب of the Iranians of the past, present, and future the Sohrab warriors.

We the people of Iran (Persia) will do this together, one person at a time, one vote at a time, one voice at a time.

Please contact me on twitter @AliSohrab17 or facebook or email me at Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks, Ali.

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